Why do you need a short stay?

Short-term accommodation is usually counted for all those who ask to live less than one week. If the placement is more than a week, this placement will not be counted in the short term, but will be placed in the medium or long term.

From the previous discussion, we can proceed to the fact that:

  1. Short-term accommodation for people who visit less than a week:

Therefore, an apartment for one week is suitable for all those people who are independent and want to stay so. Being in hotel rooms, people do not feel free, because they can’t cook their meals late at night and the like. I mean, they have the freedom to do this, but they cannot do everything privately.

Short term accomodation singapore

  1. Apartments offer more freedom and privacy than hotel rooms:

Apartments, unlike hotel rooms, are more private and give freedom to enjoy freedom over a larger area. In addition, rentals can enjoy the freedom to organize parties in rented apartments.

Tourists in apartments have the freedom to cook for them, they can also organize a free party in a rented apartment, but if they do this in a hotel room, they will be charged.

  1. They are at the same price … less and less

Short term accomodation singapore is provided at the lowest prices. These prices in most cases vary depending on the area in which housing is requested. However, most of the time accommodation is cheaper than in a regular hotel.