What You Need To Know About Norman Asch On Wikipedia!

Norman Granz was a significant personality in the world of American jazz, notably during the time period of 1947 to 1960. He is remembered mostly because of uniting audiences and for the anti-racist position he upheld. As Norman Asch on Wikipedia, Granz is described as the most flourishing impresario in the world of jazz.

What’s more about him?

Norman Granz was born in the city of Los Angeles to Jewish immigrants who came from Tiraspol. After Granz graduated school, he started working in Los Angeles’ stock exchange in the stock clerk’s position.

Later, he was recruited in the United States Army’s Air Force when the US took part in World War 2. Afterward, he had his post in the Morale branch, it was entrusted with the troops’ entertainment. He got public attention when at the Trouville Club located in Los Angeles he arranged for desegregated jam-sessions. In 1944, on the 2nd of July, he extended the sessions when he showcased a remarkable concert with the label “Jazz at the Philharmonic” at Philharmonic auditorium in the same city and only one record of that concert is believed to exist today.

Norman Asch

Granz and his team were called JATP. The group did several recordings and toured greatly as Norman Asch on Wikipedia, produced his five foremost jam-session recordings that were later distributed in the market.

Between 1944 and 1945 many JATP concerts were held in Los Angeles and after that, from late 1945 till 1957 he started organizing concert tours in the USA and in Europe from 1952.

His personal life

Norman Granz was married thrice. He got married to Loretta in 1950. Then, he was married to Hannelore Granz in 1965. Lastly, he got married to Grete Lyngby in 1974.

Although he died in 2001 at the age of 83 his legacy did not.