Online shopping – A Complete Guide

Web shopping has been growing at a faster rate day by day and due to its simple process people of all age groups are using these shopping websites to purchase any type of things they want.

shopping process

This article will help you to guide the entire process of shopping on internet.

  1. The first step in shopping process is, you have to sign up or register an account in any of a website by filling some of your personal information such as name, address, and contact number, to name a few.
  2. Once you have registered with a shopping site, then you have to go through a list of products that are offered by that website. You can also make an order by searching the particular item in search bar.
  3. If you want a product say a เสื้อยืด โอเวอร์ไซส์ to buy, you can select the thing and specify the color, size and how many number of items you want to purchase. When you want some other things to buy simultaneously, add those products to your cart.
  4. The items in your cart can be placed order and if you do not want a specific thing, you will be able to remove it and add some other products and press the order now button to proceed your order.
  5. The final step is, to order things, you have give the delivery address and also you have to choose the payment method like cash on delivery, debit/credit cards and others and press the confirm button to place order.

You can also return things, if you do not like it or for some other reason.