Knowing about your losing followers on social networks

Social networks will make your address to your locality. It is strange, and in some cases, it makes you famous too. How logically your tweet in your profile will organically bring,yourseveral followers.

So, let’s move with the additional info on losing followers from your profile;

Check with the reasons:

  • Before going to tweet your post or commenting to any other post, ensure that you are sharing your opinion but not blaming anyone. Positivity matters more for anyone before going to follow you. For example, if you want to buy a particular follower you are interested too, you need to highlight your strengths in your profile. If you are a newcomer in any social network, then join in blogs, groups to attract several followers through your tweets or comments.

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  • If your tweets are not interesting or attractive, followers will not stay with you for a long time. Moreover,if you do not respond properly with their messages and all, you will lose them easily. Sometimes aggressive behavior might lose your followers easily.
  • Ask the people whom you purchased as followers to re-tweet your posts. But don’t ask them continuously. Here your behavior matters a lot in saving your followers.
  • Use hashtags in your tweets attractively but not recommended to use as a bunchof fruits. Tweet mustbethe simple and clear but not undiscoverable format.Otherwise,your followers might think you are confused personality and might go away from you due to your irrelevant posts.
  • If you want to re-tweet to your follower posts, enjoy with your sensible comments. It should look like funny not like a debate. Here winning you and being self-absorbed might hurt your follower’s ego. So, stay out of your over self-absorbed attitude.


From the above, you can save your follower without losing them at any point in time. Attitude matters but it should hurt anyone unnecessarily. So, be friendly, tweet regularly but post useful tweets that should grab your follower’s attention. It should not be like unnecessary tweets. For example, if you tweet like you are eating something yummy at so and so place. It is not required for your follower as he never cares about. Here only your beloved friend or family member re-tweet it. So don’t lose the followers with unnecessary tweets.