How to Plan a successful Exhibiting Booth Set-Up

If you have made it through the Budgeting phase and trade show organizing, then probably you have learned how to develop a winning display. When you’re organizing a Trade-Show-Experience, planning is the key to a successful exhibit. A successful booth design depends on the planning tips and here are some these tips

Getting ready to go

Performing extensive planning and preparation before going to the show include travel planning, materials, staff planning, and display set-up organizing. Since there is a lot to consider, it is advisable to create the show Notebook that will comprise the following:

  • Tracking numbers and content lists for the entire boxes that are being transported
  • Contact and names info for the ordered booth items altogether. Including flowers, internet access, services and much more.
  • Hotel information and travel itineraries for the booth staff
  • Booth staff Mobile numbers
  • Contacts and Names information for an on website services

On the arrival booth design

Have a strategic plan for the booth design staff meeting at the show floor to assist in setting up the exhibit. Once you get to the showground, you should make sure that every product has reached the booth. In case you discover that something is missing, then you should first check with the event staff to locate the missing package or item.

Booth set up exhibiting

You should always obey the rules at the event center. In most resolution centers there is union staff who require exhibits tools for assembling the setup. In case, you have this kind of exhibit; it can be much better if you present during the assembly of the union staff.