Go For Gel Polish: Color Your Nails

Colorful nails will make you look fashionista. Everyone loves to have beautiful nails, colorful nails add style on you. But, the colorful nail is only good for girls. Boys don’t color their nail, they prefer the colorless one. Now, girls must ready themselves with a variety of gel colors. Of course, you have a preferred color that you wanted to get applied to your nails. Say, for example, you might color nails with the pink one. Now, which pink one you would prefer? Is it the shiny type or the matte? Any of these types of gels, both are perfect for girly-inspired nail color. Color your nails now using gel polish.

Colorful nails

Tips for easy gel application

Colores de gel is very easy and simple. It makes your nails look clean and attractive. But, before the application, you need to buff the nails. Buffing needs to be very slightly performed not to damage the nails. You need to do this to remove the shine of the nails. Never do a lot of pressure, or else, the nail gets uneven. It makes the color gel looks not plain. After the buffing process, pushing the cuticle is one of the secrets why you can make the application bolder to see. it expands the size of your nails. Swipe the nail using some cleaner.

The application process

Once the nails are cleaned, apply the base coat as the primer and let it dry. Go for the second coat, which will serve as the color of your nails. It can make the nails harder while at the same time, adds life to the nail. It helps the gel to stay longer. Also, if you want to make a strong color of the chosen nail gel you applied, double coat (second layer) the gel. After the application of the gel, you can turn nails upside down. to create a C-Curve. This is a trick why you can have that C-Curve nails. Let it cure within 30 seconds in LED. For the final coating, it will be a colorless gel. It must be colorless so that the second coating, which has the color still showing. It should not be covered with another color, unless, you wanted to have a blending of two colors. After the application, cure the gel in 30 seconds. Again, use the LED to cure nail gel. You will see the final result after the gel gets dried up.