Technology has always better options. The many changes it brings are all better. This is why it has become omnipresent. Life is indeed enjoyable. We have every reason to be happy people.  Our lives are our own.We have managed to be better in life because of technology.It has modernized and advanced us. thereay options which technology can use to bring changes. IT has survived the discouragement. Technology has brought our culture and lifestyle to better days. We are really enjoying. The coming of our vr software has made technology to become prolonged. Everywhere you go technology is mentioned.IT has taken us from worse to better. Technology is the better option. We have improved as humanity. There are many other changes which will keep on coming. We shall not remain the same for years.The changes in technology are coming at a fast pace. We must recognize and appreciate what technology is doing to us. We are actually in better days. Everything has undergone changes which have been caused by technology.


Our lives are our own to shape as we want. We should, therefore, take good care of the main thing that has really improved us. As people who are improved by technology, ours should be to admit reality. When our culture changes, technology, l is mentioned. Our civilized society has proved that technology is a reality. Without technology there could be no vehicles, schools, hospitals, smartphones, just to mention but a few. Our own society has tried its best to deal with enemies of technology. These enemies of technology are known. They dot appreciate the good work done by technology. We are all in celebration mood. We are in better days. Where the lion can be tamed, a lot can also be done. Our environment is our major concern we do everything we can to preserve it. There are so many changes that technology can bring. Our lives are protected than at any other time.The security sector has been improved tremendously. we are a good example for the coming generations. They will have something tangible to inherit from us. Our lives are now modernized and advanced.