Things to Check and Before You Think Of Renting a Car

Car renting for the vacation makes a little sense. This saves you some money that you would be spending on the taxi rides or keeps you from getting reliant on schedule (and unpredictable schedule) of the public transportation. However, the whole process involved for renting a car will be very daunting for the veteran and first-timers travelers alike.

Let us look at some valuable things that you need to know about รถ เช่า ใน เชียงราย.

Use credit card while picking up a car

Car renting on Chiang Rai is a complete breeze, however, ensure that you use the credit card when you pick up the wheels. While using debit card, authorization amount can be charged, and substantial (potentially plenty of dollars) extra incremental hold can be assessed. Suppose you prefer renting a car by using debit card, call before and check on internet to know what this policy is so that you do not wind up with hold on funds, which you were not expecting.

Keep drivers to minimum

Car rentel

No matter whether you are going on the family vacation or getaway with a few friends, keep number of drivers minimum. For each additional driver, you will have to pay the daily fee, no matter whether they end up driving it during a rental period. At times, though, the rental companies can waive fee for the corporate rentals or spouse and domestic partner, but you will have to double-check and see what the policy is, since it differs by the car rental company.

Shop over for the car insurance

You will get the insurance on car rental from an agency, however, insurance at the car rental store is very high, and must be used only if you’ve exhausted other options. Have a close look at the personal car insurance that can potentially cover the rentals as well.