ERP for the pharmaceutical industry: functions

The powerful data analytics, process automation, administrative control, cost reduction, and resource optimization offered by business management ERP software is one of the best tools a business seeking to improve its performance and extend its profit can obtain. These processes are equally applicable to the pharmaceutical sector : pharmacy, chemical industry, cosmetics or drug company.

In this case, an ERP for the pharmaceutical industry will be able to integrate these basic functions with modules and features that this sector needs, promoting crucial aspects such as traceability, order and replenishment management, stock control, purchasing planning, quality control, document management, etc.

Some of these more specific functions of independent pharmacy software in Florida are:

  • Classification of medications by name, barcode, units, etc.
  • Updating the information on the package leaflets of each drug.
  • Stock control and expiration date of medicines.
  • Possibility of managing the different electronic recipes.
  • Automated scheduling of file shipments to different services.
  • Control of sales and purchases.
  • Item catalog management

Main modules of ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Stock control: very important in everything related to expiration, batch tracking, defective items, origin of the items and their classification.
  • Traceability: this sector is clearly one of the most interested in controlling the origin and stages of the production process and monitoring its phases and distribution, in order to be able to remove defective items or counterfeits.
  • Purchases: it is essential to keep an optimal control of the acquisition of products and components, some of them with certain dangerous components, as well as suppliers. Plan purchases, replenishments and expenses.

Main modules of ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Sales: delivery notes and invoices, shipments and returns, planning of deliveries, management of electronic prescriptions and clients, … are key processes in this industry.
  • Production: optimize your resources, manage manufacturing orders and recipes, control costs, possible deviations and labels.
  • Accounting: budgets, invoicing, generation of financial and profitability reports, scenario analysis … processes that are streamlined with software and facilitate financial balance.
  • Quality control: satisfying the highest levels of quality and safety is essential in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as complying with legislative, health control and periodic review requirements.
  • Other important modules: document management, marketing, mailing, project management and warehouse.

Six benefits of using ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry

  1. Greater transparency in all manufacturing and commercial processes.
  2. Traceability control guaranteed.
  3. Increased customer satisfaction for safety and quality control.
  4. Establish more efficient production plans thanks to real-time reports and reduce costs.
  5. Identify new sales and production fields and scenarios with your market analysis.
  6. Optimize available resources and maximize performance.