Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet is expensive and is often considered as a big investment. As an investment, you should make sure that it remains looking good even after several years. The lifespan of your carpet not only depends on how well you take care of your carpet. It also depends on who cleans your carpet. Cleaning a commercial carpet is not as simple as vacuuming it. The commercial carpet cleaning greenville sc can add extra years onto your carpet’s lifespan. A low-quality team of commercial carpet cleaning company will shave years off it. This decreases your return on investment.

It may be tempting to use your in-house team of cleaners to clean the carpet. But results will be so much better if you hire the professionals. How do you choose the right commercial carpet cleaning services company? There are factors you should consider.

Cleaning method

Different companies use different carpet cleaning methods. A wrong method can damage your carpet. You should also keep in mind how the method of carpet cleaning will affect your business. Extraction usually takes much longer to dry than other methods. You will have to keep foot traffic off it for a longer period. You can ask the commercial carpet cleaning company what method they will use. You should also know any potential risks and downsides of that method.

Cleaning chemicals

Thousands of various chemicals for cleaning commercial carpets are available in the market. There also some that are not available in the market and only professionals can put their hands on. Chemicals react in different ways depending on what they come in contact with. Wrong chemicals can cause damage. You may not notice it the first time but it will be more visible over time. Ask ahead of time about the chemicals they will use. You should also check if they can have any negative effects on the long-term life of your carpet. Cleaners that use solutions with green certifications are much better options.

Cleaning expertise

The commercial cleaning services staff should be as efficient as their equipment. They should have a strong understanding of how different chemicals affect carpet types. They should also know the proper use of their equipment. Make sure you hire trained, experienced, and certified technicians to clean your carpets. You can ask to see their certifications.

Extra services

Most companies offer services that are unique to them. This is what sets them apart. The extras a company offers make a big difference. Applying a fiber shield with each cleaning may be standard for one company but not to another. Spot cleaning and repairs can be part of a standard package of one company but not of another. You should factor in the extras a company offers.

You can ask for a demonstration before you hire them. This will let you see what kind of service you will get. And how your carpet will look as a result.