Sleep apnea treatments and tests

Sleep apnea is a type of sleeping disorder and this will cause the patients to stop their breathing temporarily for some time when they sleep. As a result it will cause day time sleepiness and headache to them. This will not cause only for adults but persons of all groups suffer from this disorder but mostly elder people above 60 years will suffer from this condition. There are some other health conditions that are linked with this obstructive sleep apnea such as hypertension, depression and so many.

apnea sleep test hkWhen you are thinking that you might be suffering from sleep apnea, then there are several tests that can be taken to test if you are affected or not. One of those is apnea sleep test hk this test allows you to choose between two types namely polysomnography (PSG), and Watch-PAT test. The PSG is a common type of sleep apnea test, whereas Watch-PAT is a less intensive test. When comparing these two tests PSG is more comprehensive than the other one.

These tests are conducted not in a similar way, as you can clearly see in the image and PSG offers some merits, as it gathers detailed data including brainwaves, eye movement, heartbeat, oxygen levels of blood and more. On the other hand, when you undergo Watch-PAT test, then you can move easily as well as freely from one place to another wearing a portable sleep tester.

Also this disorder can be treated using various methods such as surgery, medications and also by using CPAP machine.