Photolemur 3.0 Review 2019 – Create Images Automatically

Photolemur is an exciting app that claims to proffer “the world’s first completely automated solution for making perfect photos.” Photolemur 3.0 being a small application, it provides great picture improvement. It is a very good application for models or those who desire to have a simple application doing all actions for them in its place of learning and using the flexibility of Luminar 2018.

Agreed, an amateur cannot as well as should not be estimated to take flawlessly framed photos like an expert, even if they have the finest DSLR camera.

The proficient has experience, which permits him to choice the greatest angles, a trained eye that permits him to frame the subject fast, and knowledge around ambient lighting conditions that let him to continually shoot the finest photographs.

However, amateurs have additional handicap: lack of skill, which does not let them to set the precise speed and aperture settings, resultant in dull photos.

Using photo correcting online sites is not perfect, as maximum of these sites do not deliver various settings for example hue, saturation adjustment, noise cancellation, color, and many more, essential to breathe life into an insensible  You can download this software from

 Photolemur – Derives to the Rescue

This is wherever they can search for the aid of Photolemur, the world’s first and only automatic picture improve app, engaging artificial intelligence for retouching the imageries and making them look as though the images were shot by an expert.

 Photolemur 3.0 in use

It’s a simple stuff of drag and dropping photographs, or select images using the ‘Import’ button so as to gain access toward the advanced Photolemur 3rd generation technology. Afterward the logarithmic calculations have been prepared, you could view the difference among the quality of the unique image and Photolemur’s edit. This through using the ‘before/after’ slider. To save the photograph, just click on the ‘Export’ switch and select any of the export choices.

New features

In this novel and tweaked version of Photolemur there are the Facial retouch plus Eye enlarger functionalities. Let’s look at these functions plus see what they do by real life images.

Photo Enhancer

Facial Retouch

The novel Facial Retouch tool could be used to improve the look of skin plus teeth and eliminate eye circles as well as wrinkles. You must look at this as a Photoshop lite version which creates enhancements alike to what a plugin like Flawlessly Clear does. It is a method that retouches faces without receiving a fake “photoshopped” otherwise iPhone processed look.

The outcomes are alike to pictures taken of your subject on a good day, by enough sleep in addition to feeling happy.

Eye Enlarger

Photolemur 3.0 moreover has a brand-new Eye Enlarger tool. It can identify and enlarge eyes for a more wide-awake and I had my coffee look. Yet again, it’s not overstated at all but a slight improvement that makes all the variance to the ultimate picture. Your subject would be happy plus so will you..

Photolemur Styles

There are currently 6 unique styles accessible in Photolemur 3, which could be applied to your photographs to make any image look faultless. Consider of them as presets for a diverse look or feel, without the annoyance of image processing software similar Lightroom or Photoshop.

Evolve preset

The Photolemur 3 “Evolve” preset increases more warm tones as well as increases both local and worldwide contrast. It’s significant of Kodak film from the initial seventies.

Apollo preset

The “Apollo” preset takes us back toward the mid-sixties by a shift in both reds and greens. Great for blogging otherwise instagram.

New Export plus batch processing functionality

It is now possible to export straight to SmugMug and flawlessly apply Settings toward all images. The big benefit is that you can make a preset in addition to apply Boost, Styles, and Facial Retouch toward a batch of images. Easy for your scenery shots otherwise that series from the wedding. Visit for more info


The software is very simple as well as it really improves your photographs. For a simple use you will get a quality gain quite fast and without having to enter into complex settings. The software is not without flaws and the most significant thing is that the retouching is not done in full screen. Thus you don’t see the image in its unique size and it is hard to get an idea of the final outcome.