Boat Quay Restaurants of Singapore

Once part of the old port of Singapore, in the 1860s it occupied three quarters of all maritime traffic in the port. The Chinese rushed to this area because the shape of the south bank of the river resembles the stomach of a carp, and, according to the Chinese faith, this meant a concentration of wealth and prosperity. They built many shops along the seafront.

The main role of the ship’s embankment has changed

It is no longer part of the water trade and maritime trade. Instead, it is a tourist center with Chinese shops that have been preserved and converted into bars, pubs and restaurants. It has a great aesthetic appeal for a commercial area across the Singapore River, and a gentle front for the financial and banking offices behind it.

boat quay restaurants

The jetty is also part of the City Administration’s plans to restore the Singapore River and its surroundings in accordance with the master plan developed in 1986.

On July 7, 1989, the government declared the area, including South Bridge Road, Ring Road, Lorong Telok and North Channel, the search area. Consequently, the two and three-level commercial houses in these areas, with their typical five-foot section below the upper design floors, were transformed to accommodate new businesses while maintaining their original design. The 1990s were marked by the restoration of shops and goddesses along the riverbank in bustling business centers such as bars, pubs, shops and boat quay restaurants.

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