Bashir Dawood- The Founder Of Dawlance

Making our homes homely and great to live in involves a lot of home appliances. When there is a need to buy any home appliance, there is a requirement that it is perfect and fits our place of living just like we want it. It should make the house look elegant and also it should look unique and faultless. To make this possible, especially in Pakistan, Bashir Dawood and his wife Mariyam Dawood, stared Dawlance. It started as a refrigerator manufacturer and grew up really fast, selling all the appliances and providing a lot of required services.

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What they do now?

The Dawlance has a very good vision set by Bashir Dawood. They wanted to grow to be very trustworthy and successful. They made sure the services they provide are perfect and all the products they get are distinctive. They did not just stop with furniture. They have been helping in a lot of other things. They have a sick kids foundation. The ultimate aim of this foundation is to make sure children get very good quality and improved medical facilities. The Dawood foundation focuses on such improvements other than manufacturing furniture and other appliances.

Bashir Dawood along with his wife has helped the sick kids foundation break the limits and reach very great heights. Even with this going on, they haven’t closed down on Dawlance. They still make sure both are perfectly working and people are getting benefitted by their services. They do not compromise on Dawlance or on the Sick kids foundation at any cost.