Animation, the land of magic and mystery

Animation movies are not only today’s craze, they have been in the field for more than two decades. Yet, they are the king in the cine field. One of the popular and well-known name in the field is the Studio Ghibli, a Japanese studio. There is an official site for this studio creation which ranges from Totoro bed to even cute keychains and t-shirts.

What are animation movies?

Animation movies are the file format which gives the illusion of motion. In simple terms, animation movies are images which are photographed and displayed on the screen.

Types of animation:-

Based on the techniques and mechanism used the animations are named as,

  • Traditional animation.
  • Full animation.
  • Limited animation.

And a lot of other animations techniques too.

Traditional animation:-

This animation is also known as cell animation. Most 20th-century animation or based on this technique. The images are traced in the cells which are filled with Paints letter they are transferred to the screen using rostrum camera to give the illusion of motion. The Lion King, the prince of Egypt and even spirited away or creator using the traditional animation technique.

Full animation:-

Full animation is similar to that of the traditional animation but only in more detail and realistic way. All those Disney movies warner brothers animated movies made from this full animation technique. Some of the best examples of full animations are Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and the iron giant.

Limited animation:-

As the name suggested Limited animation used only limited quality of animations in the most stylish way. This is one of the most effective and economical technique. One can say that this is the mother of other animation technique.

Apart from this there is also stop-motion animation live animation and rotoscoping which are in action even today. The technique may differ slightly from one another but always have one common thing that is they are kids friendly. They give happiness, hope and even fandom collections including Totoro bed too. One can find such cute collections at