Different types of vinyl and techniques of laying

As a counterpart to the click vinyl, you can also opt for the adhesive vinyl. As the name suggests, the 2 to 2.5 mm thick material is firmly bonded to the substrate, which makes the installation of luxury vinyl flooring in oxford al more complicated but promises more durability.

Laying click vinyl

The easiest way to lay vinyl is with the click system. Installation is not only quick but there is also no dirt or noise during installation. That is why this variant is the most popular type of laying. Apart from a craft knife to shorten the vinyl planks, no tools are required.

The actual laying is done by interlocking the individual boards. Once the elements are linked, you lock the decking with the head connection. After you have laid the first row, you should install the second row of planks offset to the first. You can either use the rest of the last plank from the first row or cut a new one. However, the board should not be shorter than 30 cm. After clicking the individual planks together, you should always fix them with a rubber mallet to create more stability.

A decisive advantage of click vinyl is the loose connection to the floor. Especially if you have to move in the next few years, click vinyl is much easier to remove than firmly glued PVC covering. Since no glue is used when laying, the installation is also lower in emissions and therefore more environmentally friendly. By not using the binding agent, you can also enter and use the room immediately after laying. To optimize the insulation of click vinyl, you can put on a layer between the substrate and click vinyl. This also improves the acoustics in the room.

Laying adhesive vinyl

The click vinyl is much easier to lay than adhesive vinyl, but the adhesive variant offers some advantages, which is why it may be the better choice for your household. The seamless connection with the subsurface creates particularly good room acoustics. If you want to combine the vinyl floor with underfloor heating, the heat is optimally transferred through the fixed connection with the floor.