Weekend dog care – what to remember?

Your loved ones or friends are planning a trip out of town for a few days and have asked you for weekend dog care. They are looking forward to your trip, and you are wondering what to do not to disappoint their trust and take care of your pet. Traditional dog hotels are a great option for polite dog owners who are not prone to stress. Certainly, such places meet the animal’s basic needs, but often you can’t count on much more. After closing the boxes in the evening, dog walking west orange nj  no one deals with the quadrupeds until the morning, and the animal who misses is restless and cannot sleep all night. Therefore, many people decide to drop the dog into the family for the weekend, because they are counting on the fact that the temporary guardian will devote as much time to him as the quadruped will need.

Health under the microscope

Proper care of the dog also requires regular visits to the vet. In order for a dog to maintain good health and immunity, it should be regularly vaccinated. Vet supervision dog walking west orange nj and periodic examinations will allow you to quickly detect any ailments and diseases of your dog so that you can react quickly and implement treatment.

Love and a sense of security

Remember also about the emotional needs of your pet. He will be happy and fulfilled if you give him time and attention. However, this is not only about going out for a walk with the dog but also about home games and training in the basics of obedience (positive methods!), Thanks to which he will acquire new skills and increase confidence.

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Dogs like stability and rules, because then they feel safe. Therefore, always act consistently. Every household member should treat a dog in the same way. Otherwise, when the dog receives contradictory signals (e.g., one of the members of the household will allow the dog to sleep in the bed, and another one will chase him out of it), he will feel frustrated, and this is a simple way to upbringing problems.

The dog should have its own place in the house where he can rest peacefully. Be sure to provide a comfortable dog bed – it should be in a quiet place where nobody will disturb him.

Caring for a puppy

Much more demanding than looking after an adult dog is looking after a puppy. This should not come as a surprise – after all, he is a small dog child who must rely on his caring guardians in everything.

We have already mentioned that a puppy should eat more often than an adult dog – at least three times a day in small portions. He also needs to go outside more often than an adult dog – all digestive processes occur in his small body much faster than in the case of an adult dog.