Spending Less when Hiring Cars

The easiest way to withdraw money from a smaller account at the end of the rental period is without a doubt to simply rent a smaller car. While it’s nice to ride the last limousine to show off at your business meetings, you are the one who pays for it. Sooner or later you will have to face the question: is it worth it to surprise other people?

If you are planning a family vacation, do not forget that rental companies charge more during peak vacation periods. Usually you can decide when to go on vacation, so if you want to pay less for renting a car, as well as for hotels, restaurants and other things, organize your vacation outside of peak periods. Thus, you can save so much money that you fully pay the car rental bill!

Another thing to keep in mind is that rental companies often charge a lower rate per day, the longer you rent a car. Therefore, if you plan to stay in the city for 6 days, it may be cheaper to rent a car for a whole week. The lowest daily rates you will receive, no doubt, if you could rent a car for a whole month.

Spending Less when Hiring Cars

Another great way to save both on the cost of renting a car and on the cost of the flight is to use a car travel package. They are offered by many travel agencies. The agreement includes airline tickets to the destination city, as well as avis car rental during your stay and, for the most part, represents a significant discount compared to regular prices.


Most rental companies also have special weekend rental packages. This is mainly due to picking up the car on Friday afternoon and returning it on Sunday evening or Monday. The reason for this agreement is that these companies are not as busy on weekends as during the week, due to fewer commercial customers. These bids usually represent significant savings over regular bids.