Elegant steampunk gifts to surprise the day

For me, it’s a place of amazing possibilities. One link leads to another, it’s like travelling safely through this huge forest of words and ideas and best of all you can learn anything in a nice little shortened paragraph!

Steampunk Goggles :

These original Victorian style goggles with double magnifying eye magnifying glass are an excellent addition to any (costume-based activities), LARP, costume, rave, or convention outfit. Wear them over your eyes or even display them as a piece of decor. The glasses are built of strong plastic & PVC and designed to stay put during your fun trips.

Etsy steampunks:

Etsy is a place where all things are made by human hands, with no power tools or machines, like nothing else in the world and sold directly by the artist to you through their own personal Etsy shop which means they get to keep a far higher percentage of money and you find in a way unlike anything else handcrafted steampunk gifts at any time of the day or night – perfect for people who wait too long to do something and last-minute shoppers like me.

On Etsy, I found not only ray guns and UFO’s, but also Vanilla hazelnut mocha candles I had no idea such things existed and most importantly the steampunk things non-washable – the perfect gift for someone out there.gifts

What is steampunk?

Trying to explain steampunk to somebody that has never heard of it before is very very hard. Steampunk is a style of costume-based activities in which the costume-based activities er dress and speak very clearly stated manners. In short, steampunk refers to a clearly stated type of writing or art of historical fiction.

Often steampunk takes an after almost-world destruction that happened in the future setting in the Victorian time in history with heavy themes of steam-powered machinery and it can get a lot more involved. There are even different types of writing or art that are part of a bigger type of writing or art of the steampunk costume-based activities. Steampunk can take the form of very old time in history Steampunk, Victorian Time in history Steampunk, Western Steampunk and more!

For those of you who are still not able to wrap your head around this idea I can refer you to more than two, but not a lot of movies that have a steampunk setting. We can also think of steampunk as like something in the future, or advanced machines, set in a Victorian period where steam power is still king.

True steampunk fans often throw meet-ups. This is where you break out every piece of detailed steampunk clothing you own, even your steampunk cufflinks. You also have to study again your mid-century language. Dressing the part is one thing. If you have the time to give to learning the language you can have some great times. The only down point to this way of living in the cost. Most steampunk gifts do not come with cheap price tags. You have to keep in mind that pretty much everything you are buying is 100% made by human hands, with no power tools or machines and one-of-a-kind, so the prices reflect this.