100 Marks To 71 export เชียงใหม่

เชียงใหม่the cultural and religious hub of Thailand is a city like no other. Apart from mesmerizing monuments, intriguing museums and nature parks one should even look upto great shopping in Chiang Mai.  There are various thrift shops selling amazing goods for extremely cheap. 71 export เชียงใหม่ is one such treasure of a shop.

Where can one find 71 Export shop?

The biggest 71 Export shop is located on HuayKaew Road. It is a one-stop destination for bikers and antique enthusiasts. The owner, Pi Ke has brought together his unique shop by collecting clothes, models, pants, signs, lights, cars, bikes, antiques, old gaming consoles and old cameras.

Pi Ke is experienced in the antique business for over 10 years. The items are imported from Japan and America. The shop is spread across an area of 400 square meters. The shop is well maintained with lift facility.

71 export shop

What are the items offered for sale?

Clothing items available for sale are extremely affordable at the same time extremely good quality. The high-quality products are the first copies of renowned brands. The address of 71 Exports is 48/20 HuayKaew Road, เชียงใหม่ Municipality 50200. Apart from the HuayKaew shop, there are a number of other 71 Export outlets across the city. Another outlet is in C.M-Lamphun Road. This road which is outside Chiang Mai’s en route towards Doi Suthep is another great shop in Thailand to find antique items and clothing. In fact there is another Export 71 located in Pattaya towards northern town adjacent to Big C on the north side of town.

This shop is 2storey tall and wiade variety of goods produced within Thailand for the purpose of export elsewhere can be found here. A variety of winter clothes, shirts, pants, swimsuits, sleepwear for all ages and for men, women, kids can be found here at exceptional prices. One can find labels of renowned brands sewn onto each garment.

The shop can be found towards the left side of the road while leaving Chiang Mai for Doi Suthen.

71 Export can be found very easily and is encapsulated within a double glass wall, two-storeyed building. It is nearby KadSuanKaew shopping complex.

This export shop is a must-visit for locals as well as foreigners. The variety of products offered at sale here, their exceptional quality and the budget-friendly price make it one of the most loved shopping destination for antique enthusiasts in Thailand.